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Photo Restoration

If you have some old photos that have seen better days, our digital experts can breathe a new lease of life into them, by repairing tears and creases or correcting images that didn’t turn out quite how you planned them.

We can carefully scan your original images, often being able to enlarge them in the process if required, and lovingly removing any blotches, blemishes, blotches and rips before reprinting the image in our professional photo lab.

We know how valuable photographs are, so we’ll make sure that we’re extra careful with your originals returning them alongside your new prints. We can also accept digital files that you’ve scanned yourself or taken digitally.

We’re also able to restore the quality of old certificates, newspaper cuttings or other documents as well as photographs.

Prices start from £40.00 per hour and we can restore most images with around one hour’s work.

Contact Creating Smiles to find out about Photo Restoration & Reprints